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going to be poorer and we're not going to have a better environment. >> sean: we will continue to follow these important stories that is all the time we have tonight. as have a good night. >> ♪. >> live and at large and welcome, everybody, to this special edition. i'm the real geraldo rivera. this is part two of my celebration of my first 40 years in the news business. also tonight recognizing that many americans just hanging out at home on this, the last unofficial weekend of summer, because whatever successive had is because of your support, my
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wife and i would like to invite you into our home and that's moments away. but squarely it's in the national spotlight recently with the elections of two prominent elected officials continuing to thrive despite negative stories that might have crushed other politicians in other times. one is being sued by the feds for refusing to cooperate with their investigation into allegations of racial profiling, and most arizonaiance like him over washington. and there's the deer in the light debate moment might have hurt a lesser candidate but the last poll we have on her governor's race, it has her crushing the democrat by 57-38%. while that poll admittedly was done prior to brewer's recent stumbles, scott rasmus son told us today out-of-state critics
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might as well shut up. it's similar to a family where members can say stuff about each other but outsiders cannot. so there's really nothing that could happen where she could lose that seat to a democrat this year. which leaves me, folks, to the larger point, watch. >> absolutely no doubt at this point, it's a republican year. and very probably a big republican year. >> which brings us to republican strategist noel and susan. welcome. you first. welcome both of you. how dumb was it for the obama administration to take janet napolitano, a democratic governor from arizona who led the last race by 2- 1, take her out of that safe seat, put her in homeland security and allow the republican, jan brewer, to become the incumbent, gifting them with the state house in arizona?
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>> well, first of all let me state to another 40 great years congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> and you haven't changed at all. you look exactly the same to me. you know, hindsight is 20-20. i don't think the administration when they pick the governor to be homeland security secretary had any idea arizona was going to end up in such a bright spotlight and the doings of the arizona governor potentially were going to become a major national issue and in a way hurt this administration. so hindsight is 20-20. >> give the job to a democratic in line, it would seem to me. >> usually we do that but clearly they wanted governor ma poll taken no. what can i say. >> and the fact she was so ill-prepared and still continues to prosper, is that a symptom or a symbol or an example of how bad it's going to be for democrats in november? >> absolutely.
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this is a sampling. she blundered the debate. she made a goofball out of herself we all thought. but it's a year for the republicans. even on a gallop poll they are basically saying that any republican running against any democrat is ahead. i think everyone that voted for a democrat or voted for obama pretty much as voter remorse. and they are look for a republican to actually make the change now. >> is this all, susan, about immigration in arizona? >> well, i think she became a symbol. you know, this is not all -- all politics is local. i know nicole is referring to the generic gallop poll. but generic candidates don't run or they don't win, it's real, live people n arizona somebody like jan brewer has become a powerful symbol, and that's why even if she has a senior moment in the debate or comes up with
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be headings that didn't happen, i think that scott rasmussen is probably, as usual, right that people like me aren't going to have any impact on that race and we shouldn't. >> relevance of the discussion is a new hit movie out that some see as having a secret agenda. here's greg. >> the special cinco demayo message. >> "machete" has garnered plenty of attention with over the top sex scenes and gore but also a sub scene and that's immigration. >> every time they cross our border it's an overt act of terrorism. >> and steven is a fox news contributor, and he's also an actor. so tell me about "machete" and its message. what is it saying to people? >> like you said, you are dealing with a film that's 90%
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decaptation, so you have to take it with a grain of salt but it deals with immigration. >> do you think what you are doing is right, taking your brothers and sisters in, transporting them back to their own personal health. >> it's the law. >> all americans, particularly white americans in this film, bad. the mexicans are supposed to be the heros who happen to be illegal immigrants in the movie. >> number two in the box office, critics say machete is deadvice i have, beyond the norm. >> and they say let's examine immigration seriously. people are going there to see some smut. >> the scavengers, leeches, parasites are walking away with your money while you are left with the change. >> it ain't right. >> go over the characters here. "machete" is the illegal immigrant coming to better his life and he's fighting off american joe, the vigilante, led by john johnson.
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they want to kill anybody with pigmentation in their skin. and many decaptations, stabbings and boobs. >> how did they get lindsey lohan to stand up straight? >> i have no idea. they probably asked her father, can you nudge her along? >> obvious references to minutemen who hunt and kill illegals, including a pregnant woman, who say welcome to mesh, are sure to garner controversy and headlines. but it is meant to be camp. >> now you want me to help you kill all these men? >> yes, padre. >> this is what i can do. >> he's a close personal friend. >> he makes great hot sauce. if you have watching, i love your hot sauce. >> it's part after series. the director calls it his movies.
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over the top movie scenes in terms of sex and violence, and he was also making a political statement. >> with a sledgehammer. >> and a machete. >> and a machete. thanks nicole and susan. up next, as you enjoy -- no, as you enjoy your holiday on vacation or at home, my wife and i would like to invite you into our house. that's coming [ female announcer ] se is the only furniture lish with febreze freshness. it helps eliminate odors while you clean and condition. you may never go back to your old furniture polish. ♪ science! [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a fresh new meaning. bless you. cannonball. [ sneezes ]
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>> this is my home. we call it the edge partially because it's on the edge of the hudson river, also because it's in edge water here in new jersey just across from man at that timen. it's a ten-story layout. i have to warn you now it's going to be quite a walk. but it starts up here. this is where my children's playground is. and this is our pool. we call this the pool house. it's one of four structures on the property. it's the highest, as i said, and probably the most contemporary. i'll take you inside. come on. here's the pool house kitchen. and this bedroom, this is where we put guests with babies. kind of aside from the nautical theme, most of the art or motor of the sensibility is from places like south asia or south america. this is kind of the rec area. we've got some fine arts. this is one of the many paintings we have by james
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butters worth. this is our gym. a very important part of the rivera family life. let me show you what we call the dirty boys house. this is cruise's latest edition. they said dad, they don't play pool, they play ping-pong. come on, i'll show you the main house. this is my beautiful wife, ericka. >> hello. >> hi. >> and our beautiful daughter, soul. >> and say hi to everybody. >> hi. >> and if you look at the house itself, in keeping with that nautical theme, all of the furniture here was designed by a ship's carpenter, keeping with the idea it's all a vessel. the s. s. rivera and we are steaming through life. this is the bridge. this is where you steer the
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ship. of all the art we have here, this is our proudest possession. this is an original cover of the saturday evening post from april, 1926 painted by norman rockwell. why don't show them the bedroom. >> okay. this is the bedroom. and the funny thing about this whole house is that geraldo designed it ten years ago to be his bachelor pad but then we met and then everything has to be modified and made nor family friendly. so there's everything from his king's chair from west africa to the jewish bridal chest geraldo gave to me when we first got married. and then the bed that is just big enough for her to jump in in the morning, which she does every morning about 35:00 a.m.. >> this is an important room to me. this is my doc-side office of. i wanted to build it as close to
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the hudson as i could. it is such a counter point to the frantic news business. and i'm very, very proud and comfortable in this room. proud because of all the medals. they are kind of remembrances from the various units we've worked with and served with in afghanistan and iraq and other places around the world. these are far more important to me an emmisses or any other rewards. this is where i sit. this is where i wrote my two books. and this is where a man can find solitude. >> and this is my prize possession and i'm proud of my family and what they represent. but there's another woman in my life, my trustee old sailboat voyager. you saw it there. i'll introduce you to her. and part two of our celebration of 4֖pp
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back live on this special night. in terms. sailing i grew up literally on the wrong side of the track. in my case the long island railroad which separates by blue-collar west babylon to the more upscale communities along the great south bay. i couldn't afford to buy my first boat, a 20-footer, until i was 32 years old.
1:20 am
still i always dreamed of sailing over the horizon and around the world. >> my real love in nautical terms is voyager, my sailboat. we've sailed around the world. for a nonhuman, this is the love of my life. i've owned voyager 15 years. she's almost 40 years old. built by a guy that's retiring ceo from ibm, a great sailor and american. i sailed around the world from 1997 to 2000. i spend the millennium onboard voyager with my family. >> what do you see? what is it?
1:21 am
this is the main salon. you come here to do your abs and that's where you navigate the vessel from. one of the pictures i'm most proud of onboard here, that's an original fredrik remington. remington, of course, is the artist most famous for his american western. this is my cabin, our bedroom. usually our five-year-old sleeps here. this is erica and i over here. this is a wonderful place to read. just to give you an example of the engineering of this vessel which has four watertight doors. in other words, you hilt a hole in any 25% of this vessel and three quarters of the vessel will remain dry, unlike the titanic. if you want to see an example of the precision engineers, look at this original table. this is designed so regardless of the pitch of the vessel, whatever you are eating, and it's kind of wiggy, the table is like this and nothing is moving
1:22 am
on your plate and the reason is this is moving with the waves. >> we've been in hurricanes in this boat. we've been in any kind of weather and this vessel never failed me. when i think of it as a person, there's nothing like a classic yacht that's really sea faring and reliable, and that's why i took my family around the world. if you want to see the full version of the tour and the boat and all the rest of it, tune in to our website. they did a fabulous job in putting it all together. it's got an article i wrote. okay, folks. coming up in two minutes, it's the finale of our celebration of [ female announcer ] staynce... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at
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>> a chair broke my nose. >> a chair did? not that it matters. look at the nose. >> a dog in the fight. >> aside from being the only reporter ever featured on the covers of both playgirl and news week, another perhaps dubious distinction is being one of the few lampooned on four decades of saturday night live. and that's not even the funniest stuff. remember woodstock? and the salt. the executive producer of this
1:27 am
broadcast, bob, can you get a picture of that? he was actually there. you know, they say that all the people claiming to have been -- oops, oh, god. [laughter] >> hello. and what's on your mine tonight? >> i just wanted to say that i think that she should really take a close look at her relationship. obviously this guy is just some kind of loser that hasn't worked a day in his life. you have to look out for yourself, girl, because no one is going to do it for you. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. hang on a second. there's been a mix-up. i'm sorry, i think we have one of yours. can you take care of this for us? there you go. thank you very much.
1:28 am
♪. >> sorry about that. it won't happen again. it won't happen again. >> difficult enough for children, but what if one parent was a major star and treated you like you were a major embarrassment? and white with black children, that's our polka from today's geraldo. [cheers and applause] ♪. >> geraldo rivera here, fox news time. willing to bet my mustache that you, michael jackson, are innocent. >> her ray, it's geraldo. it must be true. >> and share your bed because you are pure at heart and i, geraldo, about prove you by joining you now in your bed. >> oh, no, no. this is a no mustache zone.
1:29 am
>> i take it we have a caller. he low? >> hello, geraldo. this is o.j. simpson. i am appalled by what cato is saying. >> oh, my poor, sad, diluted black brother. do you not see you only have yourself to blame? >> yeah, listen, geraldo, you are breaking up. i'm on my car phone. hold on, i'll be there in just a second. >> geraldo, i don't think o. j. did it anymore. >> that i understand we have a special report coming in. joining us live from afghanistan, here is geraldo rivera. >> hello. are you receiving me? >> we are here, geraldo. you are live on the show. >> larry, this brave reporter has spent days investigating and researching, and i have come up with a shocking discovery that is going to rock the balls and
1:30 am
ass of the literally world. steven mckali, author of a steven mckali, author of a million little fibers, is a
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military headquarters in baghdad. a dozen people were killed by suicide bombers. the first fire fight since the official end of u.s. combat operations a week ago. and seven people rescued from a cap sized boat off a south carolina coast this, video showing the operation that coast guard reporting that four adults and three children were pulled from a 38 foot power boat and taken to the medical university of south carolina for evaluation. a report saying boat started sinking about 30 miles east of charleston when the engine flooded. now back to "geraldo at large". for latest headlines go to fox to >> the movie and rock stars are one thing, but closer to the core is taking you as close as i can to the action. and sometimes that means going inside the minds of what of the nation's most disturbing characters, like mr. helter-skelter himself, mass
1:35 am
killer charles manson. when he reached out my talk show had the tubeious disstings of being the highest rated show among his mates in san quinton prison. here's charlie. >> it's only the people who don't see tomorrow. it's only the people who don't know where they go, those are the people who strike out at random. >> it's only the people without tomorrow that can do violence to today. >> i admit, i influenced everybody out there at that ranch. i take responsibility for those nine people getting killed. >> do you feel remorse? >> i don't know what that is. >> you know what i think? i think that you are an evil person. >> right. i'm evil. i'm terrible. >> you are terrible. >> i'm awful. i'm awful. >> you are a murdering dog. >> i'm a terrible dog. >> and you are a mass murdering dog. >> a mass murdering dog.
1:36 am
>> i don't want this. i don't like it. >> lisa, the battered child. and hedda, the bruised and beaten lover, and joel, wide-eyed and arrogant defend. they are the cast in this drama. >> how did your wife get beat up? she didn't slip and paulson a banana. joel, sit. >> the child has plenty of -- read the report. the doctor examined her. i'm not going to sit here and do it. you know, say one anything you do another. [bleep]. >> why don't you get to the truth. what was wrong with your child? >> i don't know. >> look at your hands. look at them. just look at them. hold them out and look at your hands. look at those hands. those are the instruments of
1:37 am
brutal murder. >> correct. >> of nearly defenseless women. >> correct. >> and you say only part of you is a monster? >> yes. i did some very, very monstrous things, but that's not all of me. >> and yet you tell us, after committing the crimes, that you slept peacefully? >> yes. >> you straining he would 17 defenseless women, nearly defenseless women to death, and you did it with utter contempt and disregard, and now with them cold and buried, you tell me you want to create a foundation to protect them, protect them against whom? against you? >> against me. >> do you know how you could have more effectively protected pros suits in. >> stay home. >> you could have killed yourself. >> with hurricane season among us i would like to bring us back
1:38 am
to the memorable matches i had with mother nature. >> we're on the seawall. look at this. i want to show you something, martha. >> whoa! >> still there, martha? >> i am. are you okay? he takes a licking but keeps on ticking. not too easy to knock down geraldo rivera. >> oh, my mother saw that, she's going to be calling me. now i think i need a week-long shower. >> the furry of gustaf up-close and personal. stand up there if you can. here it is. you are looking at the west side, the west bank of the
1:39 am
industrial canal. you can see what gustaf is doing, the power in the concrete levees so far holding, but i think we have to get back. >> let's go! >> is that a person? is that a person in the water there? can you see right on the edge there? >> it looks like a person. >> is that a person? can you zoom in on that? it's a person. there's a person stranded. there's a person stranded. there's a person stranded. i'm telling the cops here. quick, guys. look, there's a person in the water there. oh, he's got a lifeline. he's got a lifeline. he's got a lifeline. oh, my god. look like he's safely onboard. >> that was unbelievable. >> it was unbelievable. >> there's no earthly answer
1:40 am
that anyone can understand why these people, after six days, are still in this fillthy, filthy convention center. how old is this baby? >> he's 15 months. >> 15 months, okay. i got a baby. you know, i have a baby. and you see, there are so many babies here. it's just not -- i mean, it's not, you know -- it's not a question about objectivity, it's a question of reality. this is -- how do you -- i don't know, man. let them walk out of here. let them walk the hell out of here. >> it's impossible to think about the last 40 years without remembering my most important story, the 15-year-long expo of the way we care for the
1:41 am
disabled. we used to treat them like animals. here is willowbrook. >> the doctor had warned me that it would be bad. it was horrible. there was one attendant for perhaps 50 severely and pro flipped retarred children, children lying on the floor naked and smeared with their own feces. they were making a pitiful sound. the kind of mournful wail that's impossible for me to forget. this is what it looked like and sounded like but how can i tell you the way it smelled. it smelled of filth, disease and death. we returned through the back door and without the knowledge of the administration. it was the first day all over again. for these people it's just one hour of a another of looking at the floor. every child can be trained, you know. these kids, we don't know what these kids are capable ever doing. >> how is it living on the ward that you live? >> disgrace.
1:42 am
>> a disgrace? >> yes. >> we ask for change, we demand change. what you see here just doesn't have to be this way. >> in stark contrast to willowbrook, this is the geraldo rivera home opened in is the 76. tell me about this house. >> this home was actually purchased and built with the funds raised by geraldo rivera from his one-to-one organization back whether the exposa was done in willowbrook w that down payment the home was purchased and the first 8 people moved out of willowbrook. six of the work people are still living here. >> one of the arguments by people who have children or loved ones in institutions is that they can't meet their medical needs in a house within the community. is that true? >> we haven't found that. we found that regardless of the level of disability, that we've been able to support people. we do have nurses. none of the staff live here.
1:43 am
the nurses work a shift in this house, maybe 20 hours a week. but we are able to manage people's care. we have people who are not in this home, but in others who are have tube feedings, things you might have considered in the past as 24 hour nursing, requiring nursing home placement, and that is just not the case. and therefore given the proper training they are able to support them here in the community. >> that is my proudest achievement. playing a small part in liberating people who have special needs for sure, but who have far more in common with the rest of us. now the big institutions are largely closed. while much work remains, america has done a magnificent job in creating a national system of community-based residences where folks once condemned to a brutal, short, sick life behind locked doors, instead can live and become productive members of society. but from the noble to the maybe not so cool, my tendency, folks, over the years to go
1:44 am
nose-to-nose with some really bad guys. but let's start the fights segment with some time i spent with the greatest fighter whoever put on gloves, mohamed ali. >> put that down. >> stay there. don't go nowhere. >> we have to stop this fight. >> okay, all right. this hand is a little too close to your face. open them up because if i'm going to hit you all i have to do is hit your hand. the hand hit you, right? and where you can see. if i throw a hand -- it comes this way. if one comes straight through you put them in front of you.
1:45 am
there you go. you are not as dumb as you look. do it again. come on, block. block. >> a foolish mistake. >> i like your show and i admire your style. if you hit me again, you won't fend for quite a while. [rocky theme. >> and stallone is on top of rivera." rivera is trying to hold him off. geraldo exercising a jab. stallone on the offensive. and stallone's jab a bit more effective. the left hand from stallone. >> a jab. and a blow. geraldo is trying to survive the
1:46 am
fight. and he does it! he does it. geraldo, great fight. >> thank you. >> what happened during the knockdown there? do you think you got him on a clean knock down or was that a slip. >> hard to say. he's tough. >> are you glad to went to business with him. some were predicting the early knockout because of the heavier man. >> i don't get knocked out. >> two mustaches, one fell. it's going to get hairy! >> now in the ring, 0-point to ounces with no wins and ten losses, and from under the nose of geraldo rivera. give it up to the hair. >> he looks like a mustache
1:47 am
pizzazz. >> are you ready? >> there they go. only insanity. only insanity. >> this isn't even legal in our society. >> i don't know how to answer that question. the winner, geraldo rivera's mustache. this is exciting! this is what television is all about! >> why did he pick me, a peaceful man, to talk to you about fights? i guess the most notorious fights were the nazi thing where you actually broke your nose, right? >> well, a chair broke my nose. >> a chair? not that it mattered. >> it had been previously broken. but we had some epic fights. but i think our immigration debate in 2007 set the tone for what is still resonating. >> it has nothing to did with illegal aliens, it has to do with drunk driving. don't obscure it to make a cheap
1:48 am
political point. >> this is justice. >> this is nothing to do with that. >> it has nothing to do with the mayor. >> you want anarchy. >> no. >> you want open-border anarchy. >> i want fairness. >> fairness, bull! >> we have lured these people into the country with the hope of jobs in a country that is basically full -- >> that wasn't really a fight. it was an impassioned debate. >> he doesn't have a right to be in this country. >> you are a brawler. you are a brawler. you do work out in the gym with the little headband on and the gear, and you fight people, right? >> well, you know, there is a certain cultural foundation to that, and there was also kind after feeling as i was growing up that people thought that maybe because i was skinny or had asthma or i had pimples they could pick on me so i did become unusually defensive. >> how many brawls over the age of 18?
1:49 am
>> more than say jerry clooney, the heavyweight. >> were you ever arrested? >> more than most middle weights who don't do it for a living. i was arrested in wisconsin in 1992 for a neo-nazi brawl. less publicized than the one i broke my nose. >> that doesn't really count. a piece of [bleep]. you are welcome to butt out. you better get out of here. >> or what? >> or that. >> this is what i tell my children. once you go that step, you do put yourself in the potential of falling under the jurisdiction and the attention of the state, and you can be charged. so, sure, i discourage it, but on the other hand there is something to say for a good, clean bar fight. >> i don't think i ever heard of one of those. >> not lately. >> you are confrontational physical guy, a macho man as the village people once said. [macho macho man ♪
1:50 am
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s.c. johnson. a family company.
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>> you heard ever the straw that broke the camel's back. this is the infamous chair that broke this newsman's nose. what sustained me more than the last four decades is consistent report from you in the odd against. through thick and thin, you have stayed with me. not always aproving, but when in doubt giving me the benefit of the doubt. meet my family. >> this is my home. we call it the edge. partially because it's on the edge of the hudson river, also because it's in edge water here in new jersey just across from manhattan. this is my beautiful wife, erica. >> hello. >> hi. >> hi.
1:54 am
>> and our beautiful daughter sol. >> say hi, honey. say hi to everybody. >> hi. >> the funny thing about this whole house is geraldo designed it ten years ago to be his bachelor pad but then we met and then everything has to be modified and made more family-friendly. >> which one do you think to sing? ♪ old mcdonald had a farm >> love that one. >> want to take a boat ride? >> voyager, the boat we sailed around the world in. for a nonhuman, this is the love of my life. >> ♪ the weather outside may be skunky ♪ ♪ but my girls don't care >> i bragged about being king ever the chess worked, by twelve-year-old whipped my butt. >> and the fact he's onboard is another dream come true. >> of all the things i have seen done on this trip around the world, no experience has been as
1:55 am
memorable as this inner object. >> you know the expression time flies and then they say time flies when you are having a good time. it's not all been a good time, but time has certainly flown by and it's been marked by so many different things. in the early days, my very modest upbringing. >> pop took cinder blocks and stacked them around an area in the backyard and had this big rubber tarp. he draped it inside and ran rope around the outside of the cinder blocks. >> filled it in quarter we would jump in and out of it with friends. when it got green dad would pump it out and refill it with the hose. >> he let the kids up to his room to give them haircuts for a quarter. you know how haircuts come out when the child does them. and the neighbors are up in arms. >> brooklyn, west babylon, playing on a high school football team, and going on in life and being very insecure and
1:56 am
never having a nickel to my name and gradually working my name as an attorney, being discovered and getting into the news business. very early on recognizing the power that news people had to really affect people's lives. >> my dad was a lover of humanity, a wonderful, wonderful man.. >> [speaking foreign language. >> my family is here with me in the studio. first meet the matriarch. you know craig my big brother. here's my 91-year-old mommy. did you ever think i would make it, mom? >> didn't we all? >> and here my beautiful bride, erica, and my youngest. hi, honey. >> hi. >> say hi to everybody watching. say hi. >> hi. >> congratulations. >> hi, sweetheart.
1:57 am
isn't she gorgeous? and meet the kids. that's simone, these almost 16, isabella, and cruise, 22. and via the miracle of skype lets go to my oldest, that's gabriel, 31 years old. you are kind of a progressive guy. >> you are such an icon you do your own thing and don't convey anyone's talking points but your own. >> thanks. i'm trying to be me and be a good daddy. i love you all. so, craig, what about, you know, all these years together? >> it's been a run. it's been an ad venture. there's no the a day that goes by that somebody comes up to me and tells me how you touched their lives, whether they are holding a copy of hispanic with underlined passages, people with family in the military, those with developmentally disabled. not to mention a legion of journalists who you have inspired, including me. and i also have to thank you for introducing me to my wife. >> that, too.
1:58 am
what's the toughest thing about the last ten years? >> when you were traveling back and forth in afghanistan and iraq, and you were gone for six weeks at a time. >> i'm home now, baby. i love you. >> i love you. >> here's my family. they thank you. i thank you. thank you very much for watching. good night. see you next week when i start my fifth decade in the news business. and my little poochy is going to be a news lady? oh, yeah, going to be a news lady. thanks for everything, everybody. we love you. everybody ready? one, two, buy, everybody. >> you were a brilliant street property are back then. now, of course, you moved on to cover the whole world. but geraldo, when you reported, everybody listens and learns and you know you are one of the best ever, and i'm not kidding about that. happy anniversary. >> geraldo, you are a legend. congratulations.
1:59 am
you tell it like it is. it's hard to match that. >> oh, geraldo. honey? oh, yeah. i was supposed to give a greeting for geraldo for his 40th anniversary in news. hey, happy anniversary. okay. hey, brother, happy anniversary. we met in florida. you don't even look that old. >> over the past couple of years work being here at fox it's been a real pleasure getting to know him. he's one of the classiest people not only in the business, but one of the classiest people period. a heckuva guy, always after the truth and always doing it with integrity. it's an honor to call him colleague and friend. his 40 years have made a real difference in america; and specifically in broadcasting, and i wish him many, many more. here's to you,

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